Our roots are firmly planted in the specialty contracting arena: specifically the masonry, natural stone and glass / glazing businesses.  While we also possess valuable experience sitting on the general contractor and owner side of the table, our primary skill set and value adds are drawn from the forty plus years managing / operating Masonry Arts, Inc. and its progeny.

Our Managing Director, John B. Swindal, served in various management, operational, and legal capacities for Masonry Arts, Inc. and the Alabama Marble, Mineral & Mining Co. for more than 15 years.  John also holds a Juris Doctor and Masters in Business Administration which allows unique perspective when identifying and analyzing issues and implementing resultant courses of action.   Over the years John has overseen tens of millions of dollars worth of construction and general business related claims ( contract disputes, payment disputes, workmanship issues, document interpretation, commercial leases, mechanic liens, bond / surety claims) and authored, reviewed and negotiated contracts valued in the millions of dollars.  John particularly enjoys expressing difficult to grasp legal or business concepts into well understood and easily disseminated language for consumption by shareholders, executive management or other interested parties.  He is comfortable reviewing drawings and specifications with project management / estimating teams, discussing jobsite logistical issues with skilled labor, identifying constructability issues with an architect, or negotiating contract terms with counsel on the opposing side. John earned his Bachelor of Art in History from Middlebury College and his JD / MBA from Samford University.


Our Technical Director, Roy V. Swindal, presents more than forty years of executive leadership on projects ranging from the Phoenix Project at the Pentagon following the events of September 11 to the US Embassy in Moscow (1996) to the reglaze of the Sears Tower to the Shrine of of the Most Blessed Sacrament at Our Lady of the Angels Monastery.  Over the course of these years and projects Roy worked with some of the world's most renowned architects, designers, general contractors, material suppliers and consultants.  There are few connection / anchoring details for stone, masonry, or glass / glazing Roy cannot immediately recall, diagnose or expound upon.  There are few building materials Roy is not intimately familiar with using, troubleshooting or sourcing.  There are also very few product failure or workmanship issues Roy has not seen or is unable to offer likely causation or useful remedial recommendations.  Roy also brings an uncanny ability to quickly identify construction or potential construction issues in a direct and productive manner.  Roy earned his Bachelor of Science in Industrial Management from the University of Alabama.