Starting Up a Start Up

After many years of lamenting the amount of time executive leadership in a small to mid-size construction company spends on risk management, contract review, contract management practices and litigation avoidance / management we decided to open a consulting company to help other businesses facing similar situations.  When I elected to attend law school well over a decade ago, I never imagined how useful legal training would become in today's construction world.  Over the course of the past 14 years we have saved literally millions of dollars because of access to in-house general counsel.  By no means did we prevail on every claim or win every negotiation, but we learned valuable (and often expensive) lessons (whether we could rightfully acknowledge them as valuable contemporaneously or not).  We did not open this business because we have all the answers, we opened it because we understand the importance of helping a construction business find the answers to the right questions. We have spent countless, exasperated hours running a risk management / risk allocation / self-preservation business under the guise of a construction company.  My father and grandfather simply yearn for the days when a specialty contractor showed up at 6:45 AM with tools in hand with the goal of building something on-time with integrity and being paid commensurately.  Those days are gone...but, we hope that with some of our guidance it will enable other businesses to think more about the brick and mortar on the four corners of a building than the four corners of an RFP, untenable contract, business plan, or a lawsuit.  Contracts and business plans are integral to success in the market today, but you are not alone in assembling and implementing these tools for prosperity.


May 18, 2017